Multi color solid surfaces Countertops calibrating machine

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Our History
Green Quartz Stone & Machinery CO., LTD. is a pioneer company of complete quartz stone production lines and quartz stone in china and focusing on continuous innovation of manufacturing equipment and processing technologies.
As an excellent Chinese supplier of quartz stone production line,we are wholeheartedly devote ourselves to supply our customers with high return of investment (ROI)  and integral solution professionally. Our unique services: pro-sale, on-sale and post-sale integrated services promise customers free from worries behind.
Our Factory
We are a joint enterprise.
FOSHAN SHUOYU MACHINERY R&D CO., LTD is for manufacturing quartz stone production line, such as quartz stone pressing machine & automatic production line, polishing machine, calibrating machine and processing machine of stone machine. We provide machines design, manufacture, installation, and commissioning and after-sales service of production line and matching machines;
LANDMARK QUARTZ SURFACE CO., LTD which used our own equipment produces high quality quartz stone, countertops, engineering slab, etc. Our products sell well all over the world.
Our company not only has our own technology development team for improving quartz stone production line & processing machines, but also for developing new quartz stone making technique, so that we can improve the production line and quartz stone technology at the same time in short period. All new technologies are used to our production line and quartz stone. It is a strong guarantee for our customers.
Our Product
Quartz stone, quartz stone countertops, quartz slab;
Quartz stone production line, Quartz slab pressing line, polishing machine, calibrating machine, Ceramic tiles polishing lines, Stone deep processing equipment.
Product Application
kitchen countertops, bathroom worktops, stairs, panels, baths and around baths, floors, walls, bars, tables etc.
Our Certificate
CE, NSF , SGS , ATC Certificate
Production Equipment
Quartz stone production line, processing machine,polishing machine, calibrating machine;  
Quartz stone production line Manufacturing factory
Production Market
Export market of USA, the Middle East, Australia, Turkey, Europe, India ...
Our service
For quartz stone: provides OEM, ODM service; high quality & low maintenance, different design & size of slabs for choice.
For stone machine: provides product & production line design, professional installation and technical guide, the lifetime technical support for the equipment.Multi color solid surfaces Countertops calibrating machine

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