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Ice Hockey Table Game
Size:  L1670*W850*H680mm
Weight: 195KG
Power Consumption:160W
Players: 2 persons
How to play Ice Hockey Table Game:
1.Pay to play the game. Push Star Button, Game start and the ball comes out from the machine
2.Two players play together and try to hit the ball into whole, then player get credits.
3.Time up, game finish, player get the tickets.
Features of this game
1.Cabinet designed in a blue color theme to easy attract kids to play and become a nice kids air hockey table.
2.Game score and game time show at each end of play area
3.Best air hockey table with amazing LED lighting install at 4 corners and the edge of cabinet
4.Strong, durable wooden and aluminum cabinet
5.Easy game setting adjustment for locations
6.Professional air hockey table with high quality material to make kids have good performance
7.Good price air hockey for sale now and comes with a long life after sale Air Hockey Table

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